Recommended Nutrition for the Heart

The Statin Nation book discusses, in detail, the most important nutritional aspects of heart disease and explains the research supporting the use of specific nutrients. The products available here are based on this information.

This is different from any other nutritional supplement seller. Typically, online stores will sell every product they think there is a market for. Here, only those nutrients that have been well studied in terms of their importance for the prevention of heart disease are included.


TrueFood® is a unique range of whole food nutritional supplements. They are grown from whole foods and are different from the synthetic isolates that almost all other supplements are made from. Since they are actual food substances the body absorbs them more easily and a considerably lower dose can be used. 

  • Nutrients in food state complexes
  • Working synergistically just as in nature
  • Bound in a nourishing form the body recognises
  • Making them easy to digest, absorb and utilise