In Memory of Jayanta Chatterjee

One year ago, my friend, Obhi Chatterjee completed his film about the business of dementia and alternative nutritional approaches to help with the condition. The film, You Must Be Nuts, explores the wealth of information available concerning nutritional therapies and presents it in an entertaining way. Obhi made this film because of his experiences helping his father, Jayanta, who suffered with the condition.

Seeing first hand, how some of the medications Jayanta was prescribed caused horrible side effects. Obhi investigated the nutritional alternatives, and managed to stabilise his fathers condition somewhat. For the first time seeing some improvements in daily functioning. However, unfortunately, the condition had already become severe and it was not possible to reverse it - either with medications or nutrition, and last Saturday, Jayanta passed away.

One of the topics included in Obhi's film is the benefits of coconut oil. This weekend, news reports in the mainstream media have finally caught up with the benefits of coconut oil, by highlighting a recent study showing coconut oil is the healthiest for cooking with. 

We all look forward to the day when the authorities put science before business interests when deciding nutritional guidelines.

Obhi's film is available to watch for free at the link below: